Mustache Bash 2020 - TBD, 2020

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Family. Freedom. Fun. The Funk.

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The Funkiest Disco Day on Earth.

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On the last Saturday of every March, San Diego’s funkiest scene erupts in ode to the '70s. Live music from legendary funk and disco artists immerses us in an era when love was free and soul reigned supreme. Disco-dosed dance moves break free among mustached men and costumed damsels alike, and we boogie. We bust out. We bash. Whether reuniting with old friends or bonding with new ones, it all feels like family. So ladies, bust out your boas and feather your hair. Men, manicure those ‘mos. We’ve got business to tend to.

Live Music By

Mustache Bash Lineup

Lee Fields and the Expressions

There aren't too many artists making funk music today who had a release in 1969, but Lee Fields is the exception. A legend of the ‘70s heyday who once played with pioneers like Kool and the Gang, O.V. Wright, and Little Royal, Fields’ sound continues to evolve today with The Expressions’ string-laden, cinematic soul sound.

Cory Wong

Cory Wong (of Vulfpeck)

Cory Wong’s high-flyin’ improv skills, irresistible melodies, and flexible right wrist may have helped Vulfpeck reach the hall of funky fame, but the music of this guitar maven doesn’t stop there. Wong’s solo act combines his intricate, percussive picking with a full accompaniment for that feel-good groove only years of experience funks with.

Detroit Swindle

Detroit Swindle

Whether your flava’ is obscure disco, African funk, classic house, soulful techno or virtually any other genre from around the world, this crate-digging Dutch duo brings the heat to any room they enter. Prepare to be dunked in a disco bass bath for their Bash-designed set. 



These Brooklyn-based nu-disco aficionados lead the charge in disco’s modern resurgence, mending electric rhythms with stylish instrumentation for a sophisticated dancefloor enchantment that’ll light up the Bash with a proper homage to the early days of disco.



Coming up as a childhood piano protege, this deviant-disco DJ has blossomed into a driving force in the French electronic circuit. Today he travels the world serenading the funky masses with his signature blend of club music, indie, electronic, and of course, disco—a recipe for success!

Peanut Butter Wolf

Peanut Butter Wolf

Founder of star-spewing independent label Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf, is an industry OG. Known for spinning bottomless crates of definitive funk vinyls, raw hip hop beats and genres beyond, PBWs themed sets span both decades and genres for a high-energy dance party that will leave your soles smoking.

The Mustache Bash Family Band

The Mustache Bash Family Band

A collaboration of funk-lovin’ friends comes together once a year to take us for a smooth ride into the best of bygone eras with classic dance covers sure to have you shakin’ your groove thang. This funky bunch always brings that serpentine fire and will bring down the brick house.

James Velvet

James Velvet

This dude might just be the “dilly dilly” of disco. A veteran Basher classically trained in the funkadelic arts, James Velvet is a glorified San Francisco special. A cutty crate-digger with a knack for pairing progressive electronic with authentic disco plus a healthy dose of live instrumentation.

Abby Normal

Abby Normal

Bash godmother Abby Normal has graced the Bash’s dancefloor with her all-vinyl, all-genre, all-time turntable set for five years running, and she’s back to do it again. This woman brings so much heat to the Bash, she's liable to set the pier on fire. Heed her steeze and be forever funkified.

Set Times

Outside Stage

Lee Fields & the Expressions
8:50 pm
Cory Wong
5:10 pm
The Mustache Bash Family Band
3:00 pm

Inside Stage

Detroit Swindle
Peanut Butter Wolf
7:30 pm
6:00 pm
James Velvet
4:30 pm
Port Pavilion Broadway Pier


Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

This sunkissed funk sanctuary tucked amid the docks of San Diego Bay is the dream setting for the wildest party in town. Between the outdoor Funk stage thumping at water’s edge, the indoor electronic stage spewing disco, a 100-foot bar, world-class food and that quintessential SoCal sunset, we can groove through golden hour and into night at the sexiest funkfest on earth.

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13 Years of Funkin',
and It's Only Just Begun

It began with no venue, no stages, no artists or investors; just a group of best buds with a funky vision and a backyard. That vision became a house party where five dollars at the door bought you a bottomless cup, an iPod pumped throwbacks through a makeshift speaker, the living room lit up with disco dance moves, and a family of funky, ‘70s souls came to fruition. Mustaches were mandatory back then. Dudes and dames alike came clad in show-stopping ‘70s outfits. And by the time the cops arrived to shut us down, a legendary holiday was born.

13 years later, The Mustache Bash has grown into SoCal’s definitive funk-fest, a special day each year when friends get together to set their dancin’ spirits asail and fly their funk flags undeniably high.

Mustache Bash Tradition
Mustache Bash Family Band

Family Band

10 Years of the Mustache Bash Family Band

Like a great mustache, an unforgettable funk band is cultivated through a lifetime of love and a whole lotta soul. Finely groomed into its funkadelic fruition as a perennial favorite at the Mustache Bash, our Family Band is comprised of members of Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, Sheila E, The Routine, Mdrn History, The Surefire Soul Ensemble and more! The all-star squad of local musicians and dancers takes the classics and pedestals them on goldfish platforms with a chemistry only found in that special place and time on the pier. This year, we kick off a new decade of the Bash with the Fam Band’s 10th anniversary, so prepare for an unprecedented showing from the tribute band that sets precedent for modern ‘70s swag.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is The Mustache Bash This Year?

The Bash will be Downtown San Diego at The Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier - 1000 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, California 92101.

Do I Have to be 21 to Go?

The Mustache Bash is a 21+ event. Make sure to bring your photo ID with proof of age or you will be turned away at the door.

What Time Does the Party Start & End?

The funk starts at 2:00 P.M. and doesn't stop until 11:00 P.M. Get here early, the lineup is stacked and you're not going to want to miss a second!

Can I Get a Ticket at the Door?

Yes, if there’s space, however it’s highly encouraged to purchase a ticket as soon as possible. Ticket prices go up as the event date approaches.

Should I Roll Solo?

Don't worry if you couldn't convince your crew to join you. You're sure to meet plenty of new friends to replace your fuddy duddy pals.

Should I Bring Cash?

It’s encouraged to bring cash for speedy service, but our bar and services will accept cards. There is also an ATM on site.

Will There be Food and Beverage?

There will be food trucks on site to fill your bellies throughout the day and night, and the Stache Bash Bar will be fully stocked all day.

Do I Have to Have a Mustache to Go?

No stache, no bash has been our motto since the beginning, but we won’t turn you away. Can't say the same for the pretty girl in line, though.

Do Girls Wear Mustaches Too?

Some ladies rock a fake mustache, but a finger stache will do the trick. Grab a sharpie and adorn your finger with the stache of your liking.

How Dressed Up Should I Get?

It's tradition to go all out! Don’t be the only goof without a '70s get-up. A complimentary coatcheck is available, so get weird with your best digs!

How Should I Get There & Back?

You're responsible for getting yourself safely to and from The Bash. Hop on a bus, trolley, or your preferred car service. Please don't drink and drive.

If You Don't Know - Now You Know

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