The Eleventh Annual

Mustache Bash

Saturday, March 24 at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

Family. Freedom. Fun. The Funk.

Welcome to The Mustache Bash.
The Funkiest Disco Day on Earth.

Live Music By

Mustache Bash Lineup

The Floozies

Brothers Matt and Mark Hill share the stage just as easily as they share a musical brain. Without a setlist and without a word between them, Matt’s guitar is in lockstep with the thud of Mark’s kick drum. Endless looping and production builds the raw scenery upon which palm-muted chugs, searing solos and wobbling bass paint their dazzling array of colors. The Floozies are bringing the groove back, and they’re right on time.



In an age when dance music is oversaturated with producers churning out an endless stream of beats and remixes, Escort stands out by creating dance music the old-fashion way: with impeccable production, musicianship, songwriting and an explosive live performance to match.

Greg Wilson

Greg Wilson

Widely hailed as one of the most influential DJs in the UK dance scene, Greg Wilson began DJing in 1975 during the peak of the disco movement. Today, he carries the beating heart of disco into the modern era performing his funk-fueled dance music at renowned night clubs worldwide.

Danny Krivit

Danny Krivit

An underground legend from New York's thriving '70s disco scene, Danny Krivit made his name for himself in the heyday of funk. Having manned the helm for some of the most historic disco parties of all time, Krivit brings to the Bash an authentic dance experience laden with genuine disco tradition.

The Mustache Bash Family Band

The Mustache Bash Family Band

A repeat-favorite among all Bashers, this collaboration of funk-lovin’, masterful musicians comes together once a year for a performance that never fails to deliver Bashers straight to our favorite bygone era with funky covers of quintessential ‘70s grooves.

The Puscie Jones Revue

The Puscie Jones Revue

The Puscie Jones Revue is a powerful funk/soul collective fronted by the massive ball of funky energy that is Puscie Jones himself. Know for their “Pursuit of the Uninhibited and Stimulated Core Inside Everyone (P.U.S.C.I.E.)” and providing the vibes for some of SoCal’s wildest dance parties, The Puscie Jones Revue brings that soulful, sexual, hard-hitting funk to the people.



By fusing genres from all eras and balancing experimentation with feel-good melody, this Los Angeles-based DJ pushes the boundaries of music to expand the frontier of modern taste. His move-inspiring grooves might be compared to what James Brown and Tame Impala would produce if they were stranded on an island making house music together every day.

James Velvet

James Velvet

This dude might just be the “dilly dilly” of disco. A veteran Basher classically trained in the funkadelic arts, James Velvet honed his groove under the wings of DJs ranging from Rufus Du Sol to Detroit Swindle. A cutty crate-digger with a knack for pairing progressive electronic with authentic disco plus a healthy dose of bizzare, sharing an intimate set with this underground legend is what we’d call a big dill.

Abby Normal

Abby Normal

The smallest name with the biggest game at Stache Bash. DJ Abby Normal, aka Shannon Ramo, has held down the Golden Hour Stage with her all-vinyl DJ set for two years running and she’s back to do it again in 2018. Last year, Abby spun with a baby in her belly. This year, DJ Baby Ramo may just make a guest-appearance to spin a few cuts himself. Heed their steeze and be forever funkified.

Set Times

Main Stage

The Puscie Jones Revue
3:00 pm
The Mustache Bash Family Band
4:30 pm
The Floozies
8:00 pm

Inside Stage

James Velvet
3:00 pm
5:00 pm
Danny Krivit
7:00 pm
Greg Wilson
9:00 pm
Port Pavilion Broadway Pier

The Venue

The Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

For an experience tailor-made to showcase your funk flags flying, The Mustache Bash returns to the Port Pavilion in Downtown San Diego. Featuring two stages for 2018, this picturesque waterfront venue also houses all the proper ingredients to get funky: a 100-foot bar, food vendors and installments from local artists. Suspended on the pier above San Diego Bay, Bashers boogie down amid the stimulus of San Diego’s glowing cityscape dancing on the water. It’s a damn pretty place to party.

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The Tradition

11 Years of Funkin' Good Times

In Spring 2007, an innovative crowd envisioned a celebration, a Bash no less, in ode to the one thing that separates the boys from the men. What started with humble roots as an off-the- wall house party is now a monumental San Diego extravaganza. It’s The 11th Annual Mustache Bash, and you’re invited.

Come March, we’ll have ballrooms, bartenders and bands. Bells will ring. Bass will thump. Chicks will flock. Men will migrate. The mustache, the bush, the bellbottom will reign once more. So break out your fro picks, dust off the snake skin pants, stock up on funkadelics and soak your peach fuzz with Rogaine. Summon your inner 70’s porn star – it’s got business to tend to.

Mustache Bash Tradition

The Afterparty

We're setting sail right from the pier

There's only so much you can fit into one Bash. Therefore, naturally, a badass after party is in order. But not just any after party...this year, we're taking the Bash offshore on a private boat featuring a full bar and a surprise twilight set from our special guest DJ. We're rockin' the boat till it tips ova.

Mustache Bash Afterparty
Plastic Tides

Giving Back

Proud Partner of Plastic Tides

You can't beat a great time for a great cause. To give back to the world that gives us so much funk, The Mustache Bash proudly welcomes Plastic Tides–a nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing the impact of plastic and petroleum on the environment–as the official beneficiary and environmental partner for 2018. A percentage of proceeds will be donated to Plastic Tides in exchange for their assistance in making the Bash a greener event. Here's to boogying for a bright future.

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Represent the Bash All Year Long

New for 2018, introducing the one-stop-shop funky Mustache Bash apparel. Rep the Bash in your favorite flavor of funk year-round with stylish hats, t-shirts and accessories designed by the Mustache Bash family, for the Mustache Bash family.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is The Mustache Bash This Year?

The Bash will be Downtown San Diego at The Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier - 1000 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, California 92101.

Do I Have to be 21 to Go?

The Mustache Bash is a 21+ event. Make sure to bring your photo ID with proof of age or you will be turned away at the door.

What Time Does the Party Start & End?

Doors open at 2:00 P.M. and music stops at 11:00 P.M. Get here early, the lineup is stacked and you're not going to want to miss a single act this year!

Can I Get a Ticket at the Door?

Yes, if there’s space, however it's highly encouraged to purchase a ticket as soon as possible. Ticket prices go up as the event date approaches.

Is There an Afterparty?

We've chartered the Adventure Hornblower to pick us up on the pier. 11:00 PM - 2:00 AM. Limited capacity so get your tickets before it's too late.

Should I Roll Solo?

Don't worry if you couldn't convince your crew to join you. You're sure to meet plenty of new friends to replace your fuddy duddy pals.

Should I Bring Cash?

It’s encouraged to bring cash for speedy service, but our bar will accept cards. There is also an ATM on site.

Will There be Food and Beverage?

There will be food trucks on site to fill your bellies throughout the day and night, and the Stache Bash Bar will be fully stocked all day.

Do I Have to Have a Mustache to Go?

No stache, no bash has been our motto since the beginning, but we won’t turn you away. Can't say the same for the pretty girl in line, though.

Do Girls Wear Mustaches Too?

Some ladies rock a fake mustache, but a finger stache will do the trick. Grab a sharpie and adorn your finger with the stache of your liking.

How Dressed Up Should I Get?

It's tradition to go all out! Don’t be the only goof without a '70s get-up. Bring your best digs and get ready to get weird. The more out there the better.

How Should I Get There & Back?

You're responsible for getting yourself safely to and from The Bash. Hop on a bus, trolley, or your preferred car service. Please don't drink and drive.

If You Don't Know - Now You Know

If you have additional questions not covered in this list, or elsewhere on the site,
feel free to drop us a line at

Special Thanks to our Partners