Upcoming Bash

In San Diego

March 23, 2024

The Mustache Bash

A boutique celebration of free love, funkified fashion, and thick staches of yesteryear.

Where the soul of ‘75 comes alive.

Funk Intro

Enter an Otherworldly
Phenomenon of Funk

Welcome one and all to an immersive '70s experience like nothing else on earth. Some call it a music festival. Others call it a costume party. Many call it a family and anyone who's ever been calls it the best day of the year. Truth be told, Stache Bash is all those things and more.

It's a community of like minded, funky spirits who gather, dripping in disco, to turn up and get down. Together, we unleash our funky auras and time-travel back to the era when love was free and soul reigned supreme. Bell-bottomed booties shake beneath glimmering disco balls. Mustaches glow in the golden sun. Disco-dosed dance moves break free and we boogie. We bust out. We Bash.

Next Bash San Diego

SoCal's Funky Ephemeral Super Bloom

On March 23, 2024, just like any other day, the sun will shine on Broadway Pier in Downtown San Diego. But only on this special day, the funk will reign.

Stages will sprout, teaming with live music. Dance floors will unfurl, fertilizing the grounds. Disco balls will vine out, plump up and spin, twinkling from the rafters. And a sea of colorful flower children will bloom, dancing together in the disco breeze.

Life from every walk flocks to sip from the funky oasis known as The Mustache Bash. Freedom and love fill the air for a single day of disco bliss too beautiful to believe. It's paradise. Utopia. A few precious minutes in '70s heaven. It's The Mustache Bash, and it's back for its Sweet 16! Your time to shine, flower child.

The Next Bash

The Original Mustache Bash San Diego

Fueled by its ever growing family of devout Bashers, The Mustache Bash has been funkin' up America's Finest City since 2008. A community now numbering in the thousands, The San Diego Bash comes to life every March with a light-up dance floor, a disco roller rink and four fabulous stages showcasing the best funk and disco talent under the sun.

First-Ever Mustache Bash San Francisco

After more than a decade in the making, The Mustache Bash brought the soul of the '70s back to San Francisco last September for the inaugural SF Bash — manifesting in two days of pure, poolside joy at the legendary Phoenix Hotel. For the City by the Bay, it's only just the beginning!


16 Years of Funkin', 
and It's Only Just Begun

It began with no venue, no stages, no artists or investors; just a group of best buds with a funky vision and a backyard. That vision became a house party where five dollars at the door bought you a bottomless cup, an iPod pumped throwbacks through a makeshift speaker, the living room lit up with disco dance moves, and a family of funky, '70s souls came to fruition. Mustaches were mandatory back then. Dudes and dames alike came clad in show-stopping '70s outfits. And by the time the cops arrived to shut us down, a legendary holiday was born.

15 years later, The Mustache Bash has grown into SoCal's definitive funk-fest, a special day each year when friends get together to set their dancin' spirits asail and fly their funk flags undeniably high.

Mustache Bash Tradition

We Are Family

A Community Bound by Funk

Whether you're a first-timer or veteran, black, white, red or brown, he, she, it or they—whoever and whatever you are—step into the Bash, and you're joining a family. Every beating heart in the building is part of it, and the more different you are, the more you fit in. An eccentric family is the driving force behind the Bash, and every Basher is key to its success. Go ahead and bump rumps with your new best friends. You might be strange, but damn sho aren't strangers!

Mustache Bash Family Band

The Tunes

Curating ‘70s Sounds

The Bash is all about breathing new life into decades-old genres with futuristic flare. Alumni range from legendary funkmasters like Lee Fields and Greyboy Allstars to modern day funk and disco mavens like Yung Bae, Yuksek and The Floozies, plus a dream team of homegrown talent. Whether you're grooving to remastered classic hits from The Mustache Bash Family Band, boogying down to remixed disco slappers from our crew of family DJs, or discovering new favorites from '70s-inspired touring acts, the Bash is your sonic sanctuary.

Mustache Bash Tunes

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