The Mustache Bash
Saturday, March 28th 2020, at the Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

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Family. Freedom. Fun. The Funk.

Welcome to The Mustache Bash.
The Funkiest Disco Day on Earth.

2019 Lineup

Mustache Bash Lineup


Mayer Hawthorne and Jake One, a duo at the forefront of a new wave of gangster boogie – one that owes as much to G-funk as P-funk. This is the territory of pre- and post-hydraulic low riders: a melange of Cali boom-bap, analog synth bass and elegant disco that resonates truth and authenticity in an era where so many are faking the funk. Tuxedo is a testament to unity and positivity in trying times. It is a reminder that the dance floor will always be there to welcome you, whoever you are. Do you Fux with the Tux?



Now and always, Orgone delivers dirty, organic, California soul with heart; music that grabs you by the collar, pulls you to your feet and shoves you onto the dance floor. Orgone is a movement where gritty soul sounds of the 60s and 70s collide with a colorful music culture that offers nothing but gold to the funk faithful.

Derrick Carter

Derrick Carter

With innovative productions, flawless technical skills and an effortlessly joyful attitude of rocking a crowd, his influence has infiltrated throughout the spectrum of dance music. By refusing to accept conventional standards and instead choosing to simply do his own thing he has built a worldwide reputation as one of the underground pioneers.

Peanut Butter Wolf

Peanut Butter Wolf

Los Angeles-based DJ, producer and founder of star-spewing independent label Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf, is an OG of the music industry. Credited for launching the careers of famous artists like Anderson Paak, Mayer Hawthorne and J Dilla and known for spinning bottomless crates of definitive funk vinyls, raw hip hop beats and genres beyond, PBWs themed sets span both decades and genres for a high-energy dance party that will leave your soles smoking.

The Mustache Bash Family Band

The Mustache Bash Family Band

Like a great mustache, an unforgettable funk band is cultivated through a lifetime of love and a whole lotta soul. Finely groomed into its funkadelic fruition as a perennial favorite at the Mustache Bash, our Family Band is musicianship at its finest, electric at its funkiest and ‘Stache Bash to its core. This all-star squad of local musicians and friends takes the classics and stands them on goldfish platforms with a chemistry only found in that special place and time on the pier.

Midtown Social

Midtown Social

Known across the region for their chic and soulful sound as well as their epic dance parties, this band’s mix of sass and brass is guaranteed to make you sweat. Continuing in the tradition of badass Bay Area family bands, Midtown Social picks up the beat from Sly & the Family Stone and takes off from where Jefferson Airplane landed.



There are record collectors and there are record obsessives, and Kon certainly falls into the latter category. This bottomless pit of musical knowledge first got the bug at age four and hasn’t been able to shake it since. DJing followed in 1985 and now, decades later, he’s regarded as an absolute authority on hip-hop, funk, soul and disco.

James Velvet

James Velvet

This dude might just be the “dilly dilly” of disco. A veteran Basher classically trained in the funkadelic arts, James Velvet honed his groove hanging with DJs from Rufus Du Sol to Detroit Swindle. A cutty crate-digger with a knack for pairing progressive electronic with authentic disco plus a healthy dose of live instrumentation.

Abby Normal

Abby Normal

Bash godmother Abby Normal has graced the Bash’s dancefloor with her all-vinyl, all-genre, all-time turntable set for four years running, and she’s back to do it again in 2019. This woman brings so much heat to the party, we give her the entire Wind stage, which doubles as a kickback lounge and yet another outrageous dance party. Heed her steeze and be forever funkified.

Port Pavilion Broadway Pier

The Venue

The Port Pavilion on Broadway Pier

A Basher’s beauty calls for the funkiest of backdrops. For an experience tailor-made to showcase your funk flags flying, The Mustache Bash returns to the Port Pavilion in Downtown San Diego. A special venue featuring indoor and outdoor staging, a 100-foot bar, food vendors and installments from local artists suspended above San Diego Bay, Bashers boogie down above the water to the light show of San Diego’s glowing cityscape. It’s a damn pretty place to party.

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The Tradition

12 Years of Funkin' Good Times

In Spring 2007, an innovative crowd envisioned a celebration, a Bash no less, in ode to the one thing that separates the boys from the men. What started with humble roots as an off-the-wall house party is now a monumental San Diego extravaganza. It’s The 12th Annual Mustache Bash, and you’re invited.

Come March, we’ll have ballrooms, bartenders and bands. Bells will ring. Bass will thump. Chicks will flock. Men will migrate. The mustache, the bush, the bell bottom will reign once more. So break out your fro picks, dust off the snake skin pants, stock up on funkadelics and soak your peach fuzz with Rogaine. Summon your inner 70’s porn star – it’s got business to tend to.

Mustache Bash Tradition


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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is The Mustache Bash This Year?

The Bash will be Downtown San Diego at The Port Pavillion on Broadway Pier - 1000 N. Harbor Drive, San Diego, California 92101.

Do I Have to be 21 to Go?

The Mustache Bash is a 21+ event. Make sure to bring your photo ID with proof of age or you will be turned away at the door.

What Time Does the Party Start & End?

The funk starts at 2:00 P.M. and doesn't stop until 11:00 P.M. Get here early, the lineup is stacked and you're not going to want to miss a second!

What's the bag policy?

For your safety and security, all ticket holders are subject to search at entry. Only small bags are allowed in; full sized backpacks are not allowed.

What are the Afterparty Hours?

10:00pm - 2:00am. Mozy on over to Bang Bang right after the Bash ends with your afterparty ticket to enjoy the company of your fellow funkadelics.

Should I Roll Solo?

Don't worry if you couldn't convince your crew to join you. You're sure to meet plenty of new friends to replace your fuddy duddy pals.

Should I Bring Cash?

It’s encouraged to bring cash for speedy service, but our bar and services will accept cards. There is also an ATM on site.

Will There be Food and Beverage?

There will be food trucks on site to fill your bellies throughout the day and night, and the Stache Bash Bar will be fully stocked all day.

Do I Have to Have a Mustache to Go?

No stache, no bash has been our motto since the beginning, but we won’t turn you away. Can't say the same for the pretty girl in line, though.

Do Girls Wear Mustaches Too?

Some ladies rock a fake mustache, but a finger stache will do the trick. Grab a sharpie and adorn your finger with the stache of your liking.

How Dressed Up Should I Get?

It's tradition to go all out! Don’t be the only goof without a '70s get-up. A complimentary coatcheck is available, so get weird with your best digs!

How Should I Get There & Back?

You're responsible for getting yourself safely to and from The Bash. Hop on a bus, trolley, or your preferred car service. Please don't drink and drive.

If You Don't Know - Now You Know

If you have additional questions not covered on the site, or you want to volunteer
feel free to drop us a line at